Starter kits can be a good option when you are making the switch to DE shaving.  There are a few options though, each with various pros and cons.

Starter kits: offered by most suppliers usually have a razor, brush, shaving soap/cream and a sampler of blades. These are a convenient way to start but not always the best of everything, and may be a compromise in quality being put together at a price, although you do tend to get savings off the combined price, and it is convenient.

Many people starting out DO enjoy the convenience of a ‘starter kit’. Check out the offerings at Beard & Blade, Mensbiz, or VSHOD to see some of what is available.

Many people starting out DO enjoy the convenience of a ‘starter kit’.

If you want to do it yourself you have some options –

Budget combination: You can put together a relatively low price, $50 – $100 starting combination picking entry level products, possibly from a variety of sources. You will invariably want to upgrade later. A budget kit might contain items like:

  • Feather or Parker DE razor
  • Entry level synthetic or boar brush
  • Common shaving soap like Proraso
  • Blade sampler or pack of 100 Astra SP or similar

Bang for buck combinations: While lacking the convenience of a starter kit after a little research, and feedback from here, you should be able to put together a quality kit where the main items, razor and brush, could last you almost a lifetime without you needing to purchase any alternatives.

Expect to spend $100 – $200 but you can probably get at least half of this back by selling the razor and brush if you decide it is all not for you (but you won’t)

The full kit: Right, let me guess. It is your birthday and your significant other wants to spend a lot of money on buying you the best shaving bling money can buy.

The ornate stand/bowl/brush/razor all look VERY nice on the vanity – but you may realise after a little while you don’t use it all and you really would prefer a different brush or razor. Apart from the dollars involved your significant other will be offended if you don’t use that expensive present.

Do yourself a favour – get this important person in your life to buy you your SECOND brush and or razor – when you know what you want (no extra charge for this relationship advice).

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