Australian Private Reserve (APR) came and went over the course of about 3 years or so.  In that time it got a lot of international attention for an Australian shaving artisan.

See Part One for the ‘origin story’ and details of the very early scents.

See Part Two for the early phase of commercial operation and the scents involved.

This post follows on and aims to focus on the scents in the next stage of the APR project.

Australians All

Australians All LE

In October 2017 Australian Private Reserve (APR) collaborated with another Australian artisan, soap maker Squadron Soaps.

A very limited run of 22 sets of soap and splash under the name ‘Australians All’ was released.

Top Notes include: Mint, Sweet Orange, Lime, Guava
Heart Notes include : Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus & Lavender
Base Notes include: Vanilla, Musk & Amber

Summer 2017 Line up

The Australian Private Reserve (APR) Summer 2017 line up was described here.

Lightning Ridge

The season of the Australian Summer is untamed, solar radiation floods the stratosphere and ultra violet drenches our land and we have come to live with the power of searing winds carrying exceptional heat.

We sit on a precipice relieved by sudden and furious electrical storms, ozone surges downward from the stratosphere while deluges of torrential rain fall on searing parched and dusty earth releasing a most unique compound.

This is what we have captured, and it is called Lighting Ridge.

The tart electric notes of Ozone rest with ripe and fresh summer fruits of Limes, Guava, Bergamot and the zest of White Grapefruit forming a diffuse seasonal accord of potent and enduring summer citrus.

Star Anise provides a sweet balsamic heart with the sweet flesh of white pears and Lilly suffused with diffuse ozone and the ubiquitous smell of dry, cracked dusty earth quenched with rain that is known as petrichor.

Sweet, warm musk’s establish the base notes and they sit aside the intoxicating wet earth notes of fragrant Patchouli.

The Aftershave for this product is lightly mentholated to provide cooling relief.

Fragrance Profile

Top Notes Include: Lime, Guava, Bergamot, White Grapefruit & Petrichor
Heart Notes Include: Ozone, Green Pear, Star Anise & Lily
Base Notes Include: Musk & Patchouli

Suitably Attired Summer

Suitably Attired Australian was a fragrance we released last season that drew inspiration from Creed’s Green Irish Tweed and it was incredibly popular. We thought we would go one better though this summer, so we started a fresh with new inspiration and completely redesigned it….we added swagger.

The top notes are a summer accord of lemons, warm honeyed mandarins, the sweet cognac of plums and the sour sweet notes of Rhubarb with the merest suggestion of Lemon Verbena.

A focussed and elegant heart with Frangipani notes and iris places with the deep tones of Violet Absolute and Ivy, a radiant and complex floral heart accord that sits atop the Ambergris, Mysore Sandalwood and delicate Musk as a homage to the classic base notes of our inspiration.

We are always suitably attired as should you be, but this Summer we are suitably attired with swagger.

The matching Aftershave for this product is lightly mentholated to provide cooling relief.

Fragrance Profile

Top notes include: Mandarin, Lemon, Neroli & Lemon Verbena
Heart Notes Include: Iris, Frangipani, Violet & Ivy
Base Notes Include: Ambergris, Mysore Sandalwood, Tonka & Musk

We have employed our own proprietary AP Reserve Ambergris accord in this design, it has a composition of synthetic Ambergris and Ambergris tincture.


We are proud to present our first LE release this summer to be released only as a soap and matching splash in limited numbers.

We like to innovate in our fragrances and we love the cooling shade of a Coolabah, this fragrance takes the renowned fragrance notes used in Aventus and applies them to our own design to deliver a contemporary fragrance that delivers elegance and definite masculine posture with understated character.

From the top down we see Italian Bergamot accorded with the rich sweetness of Black Currant, the tart freshness of pineapple and the sweetness of ripe fresh pears.

A light mild Patchouli rests alongside sweet mature wood and an imperceptible note of Jasmine to frame the character of this summer fragrance and project the beauty of the top note design.

We have rounded out the essential base of Coolabah with our Ambergris accord, a rich Turkish Oakmoss, the sweetness of Vanilla and a ribald and very raucous masculine animal musk.

Both the soap and the aftershave are pleasantly mentholated.

Top notes include: Bergamot, Black currant, Pineapple, Pear

Heart Notes include: Patchouli, Woods, Jasmine

Base Notes include: Ambergris, Oakmoss, Vanilla, Musk

Created for a special Paste & Cut meet up in December of that year was a very limited edition aftershave –

APR ‘Borked’

Top Notes: Yuzu Fruit, Yuzu Zest & Kaffir Lime
Heart Notes: Carnation, Ivy, Plumeria & Damask Rose
Base Notes: Ambergris, Olibanum, Myrrh & Rock Rose

APR Junos Royale

During the summer another limited edition was released, only as an EDP –

Junos Royale

I am proud to present my first Limited Edition Eau de Parfum – Junos Royale which is a fragrance design for summer anchored with the pure beauty of Japanese Yuzu – Citrus Junos. This is a premium fragrance and will not be offered as a soap or an aftershave, it is designed to compliment the many summer fragrances both from AP Reserve and other vendors and is for those that enjoy premium products and want something truly individual as a Summer signature fragrance.

It is an extravagance by design, it’s a bold and long lasting citrus perfume that is made with premium ingredients and without any concern as to compromise – the components in this fragrance are very costly, but this cost is reflected in their purity and the soaring accord I have designed after a lot of hard work.

This fragrance wears incredibly well both casually and in the office. It is not loud, brash or flash in the pan and it takes an different pathway than the Italian colonias entirely exposing a very different and nuanced family of citrus notes almost oriental in nature, without any of the materials that comprise that family of fragrances.

Junos Royale opens with the sweet citrus complexity of Yuzu, the classic refinement of Neroli with undertones of Mandarin and Pink Grapefruit. It is neither sweet, or sour but occupies the plane equidistant on a grand stage that is complex, mysterious and unknowable. This design explores nuance in summer, taking the idea of what we know and expect of a citrus-floral fragrance and making it masculine, different, interesting.

As the dry-down commences the Rose does not reveal itself, nor is the Jasmine perceptible rather the character of the citrus top notes evolves revealing new aspects to their individual character.

The fragrance rests on the most refined and suitable accord of Ambrette Musk, pure amber and fine French orris butter which act to offer a depth that is neither sweet or floral, but exist to further the beauty of the citrus top notes and to ensure longevity well into the day.

Top Notes Include: Yuzu Fruit, Italian Neroli, Mandarin, Pink Grapefruit
Heart Notes Include: Rose Damask, Plumeria & Jasmine
Base Notes include: Musk Ambrette, Amber & Orris Butter

That might be all for this third instalment of the Australian Private Reserve collection.  Come back next week for Part Four.

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