Cleaning old razors doesn’t have to be hard as I said in previous parts of this post.  In fact, cleaning old razors can be very satisfying!

Before we look at the final results, lets once again be reminded of what a …

“Vintage Gillette Razor. In good condition. See pics for closer details or message with any questions”
Description from online auction listing

… looks like –

From the last instalment you will know that it has been so far so good BUT …

… the case is scratched –

I hit it with some Plastx on a cotton makeup pad and then buffed off with a soft cotton cloth –

Could keep working on it to try and make perfect, but for this exercise – good enough.

Now, turning to the razor …

There was that verdigris I mentioned –

Also some wear and scratching on the head –

Time for 10 minutes in the ultrasonic –

… and finally, a little polish.

I use this product, Ferros Liquid Reflection, which is made in Australia and a gentle polish you can clean up with water.  It contains soft fine alumina.

You can use any gentle car polish, many people I know swear by the Mothers brand.

So, what do you think?

Still some of the verdigris is still there …

… but I’m not looking for perfection on this project.

About an hour in time overall and not a whole lot of gear you might not already have (you can use a smaller ultrasonic just as well BTW).

Cleaning old razors can be worthwhile, as the pictures below show!

Listing Photo H4 Slim 1
Cleaned H4 Cased Slim
Listing Photo H4 Slim 2

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