On my 44th birthday after three decades of shaving with multi-blade cartridge systems, and a brief dabble with an electric razor I had an ephinany.

My wonderful wife have given me a Merkur 38c razor, Edwin Jagger super badger brush, some of the ubiquitous Proraso eucalyptus and menthol shaving soap and a variety of blades.

For the first time in almost 30 years I enjoyed shaving!

I’ve since discovered that this is not an isolated experience.  Many other men testify to the same experience with some indicating that the switch from multi-blade cartridge systems or electric razors has resulted in the reduction or elimination of the negative side effects that they had previously had after shaving.  Of course this may not be your experience (YMMV as they say!) but if your interest is piqued check out the Shaving FAQs with all the information you need to know.

After a couple of weeks of enjoying the shaving experience and browsing some on-line forums I discovered that Gillette included codes showing the date of manufacturing on many of their razors from the 1950s to 1986.  Soon I followed a well trodden path and purchased a razor from my birth-year, a 1966 Flare Tip Super Speed.

It was kinda cool shaving with a razor that was made the same time I was born.  It has a timelessness about it, a certainty and tranquillity knowing that the carefully crafted metal in your hand has been through a lot of years and stood the test of time – just like you!

Of course one thing led to another.  Gillette manufactured a couple of different models of razor in 1966, so I got a couple.  Then I discovered that there were some really beautiful looking models around and before you know it I was a collector.

I now have more than a few vintage razors stretching from 1905 through to the modern Merkur.  I’ve not used them all yet but I’m getting there.  Some I like more than others and some I like with one brand of blade but not another – however that is another story


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