Gillette Postal Card 1905 Front

One of the earliest Gillette converts?

The first Gillette razors were truly revolutionary, to be an early adopter was to be an innovator, a man ahead of the times.

Simpson Jubilee

The Simpson Jubilee Shaving Brush

The Simpson Jubilee was a limited edition brush created to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's reign - and it is a…

British Aristocrat Ladiges SOTD

The Story of A British Aristocrat

A British Aristocrat engraved and presented to a Mr Ladiges, I was intrigued, there must be a story to this razor...


Eclipse Red Ring Razor

The Eclipse Red Ring is the foray into shaving of a well established English tool maker - well known for another innovation.

Early Gillette Razor Blade and Wrapper

Have we gotten the Gillette razor and blade strategy all wrong?

For years textbooks have taught us about the Gillette razor and blade strategy, but have they all got it wrong?

Gillette Postal Card 1905 Front

Was King Gillette the King of Recycling?

"I am able to produce and sell my blades so cheaply that the user may buy them in quantities and throw them away when dull without making…

A Simpson Exhibition B.I.F. 1934

A. Simpson Shaving Brushes – More History

The Simpson shaving brush company has a great deal of history for their iconic brush brand, including exhibiting at the British Industrial…


Personna 74 – a legendary blade

The Personna 74 blade is truly the stuff of legend, made to kill the Gillette competition it was a short lived experiment in producing a…


Simpson Shaving Brushes – An Iconic British Brand

Once again I'm referring to a thread from a shaving forum started by Gary Young, a member of the family that owned Simpson Brushes. It…


Badger Brush Hair Grades

There is often heated discussion around the naming and grading of hair used in badger shaving brushes. While by no means definitive, the…