A Blutt Rasur came to me on loan from a friend on Australia’s premier shaving forum, Paste & Cut.  I have used it for about a week and you may have seen it in a few of my recent SOTD photos.

(adj.) a Swiss-German word for naked, bare, natural.

About Blutt Rasur

I’ve captured below a little about this razor and my thoughts on it …

The Blutt Rasur BR-1 safety razor is CNC milled, which allows for very precise tolerances, ‘Swiss precision’ in other words!

According to the designers, its flat head shape is very manoeuvrable and also allows for easy upper lip shaving and the concealed blade tabs ensure a safe shave.

The BR-1 is available with different base plates, these differ in blade gap and blade exposure as follows:

  • 0.67mm blade gap – mild – blade exposure – neutral
  • 0.86mm blade gap – medium – blade exposure – positive (low)
  • 0.99mm blade gap – medium-aggressive – blade exposure – positive (medium)
  • 1.20mm blade gap – aggressive – blade exposure – positive (high)

Weight: 95g
Handle length: 90mm / Total length: 97.5mm
Material: 1.4405 / 316L stainless steel
Blade Gaps: 0.67mm, 0.86mm, 0.99mm, 1.20mm

Price –
BR-1 Complete Razor: 240 CHF (appro x $A360)
BR-1 Base Plate only: 95 CHF (approx $A140)

Blutt Rasur

First impressions are certainly that this is a well crafted and precise razor.  It reminded me of the Feather AS-D2 razor for its precision engineering and it is of similar weight and overall length.

The Blutt Rasur I was loaned had a 0.86mm blade gap, with positive but low blade exposure.

Personna Lab Blue Blades

My first shaves were with a Personna ‘Lab Blue’ blade, my default starting point for any new to me razor.  These are made in the USA and should not be confused with the Israeli produced Personna blades or the ‘Med Prep’ blades.  The image shows the new, left, and old, right, packaging for the box of 100 individually wrapped blades.

After a few shaves with this blade I swapped to the Feather New Hi Stainless blade.  These are generally accepted as being the sharpest of the modern razor blades.

The Blutt comes in a simple, but adequate, cardboard box.  Undoing the head and loading a blade reminds you just how well made and precise this razor is.  They use ‘Swiss Made’ in their marketing a lot and it live up to all that this phrase conjures up.

The shaves with the ‘Lab Blues’ were fine, no nicks or cuts, straightforward and effective.  No need to adjust technique here, it is pretty much effortless.  The head is thin so it doesn’t get in the way and there is no exposed blade tabs you need to watch out for.  Very easy to manoeuvre.

I did notice some regrowth early in the evening – so I switched to the Feather blades.

The Feather blades seem to be the perfect match, for me, in the Blutt with this blade gap.  Smooth and close, just what a shave should be!

Finally I tried a couple of shaves with a Polsilver ‘Brown’ – with the results pretty much as expected, somewhere between the two.  The shave experience itself though – smooth as silk.

With that sort of result, you could probably expect that I’m rushing out to buy one – but you would be wrong.  There are a lot of great three piece stainless steel razors on the market now, so I’m very fussy, particularly at this price point.

The Blutt razor is beautifully balanced and a joy to use, except I would prefer (I think) a slightly thicker handle and knurling along the length of the handle.  I think I would want a thicker and all knurled handle, but without having one to test that is a little speculative I acknowledge.

Aesthetically I can understand why they have crafted the handle as they have, and it would also save weight.  I cannot fault the Blutt, but I also cannot love it.

While those were my thoughts, don’t just take my word for it!  Head over to Paste & Cut and read the review there by member Errol who has reviewed literally hundreds of razors.

Errol’s Review of Blutt Rasur BR-1 with 0.86 baseplate

Errol’s Review of Blutt Rasur BR-1 with 0.99 baseplate

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Happy shaving!

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