Choosing the best razor for a beginner is a tall order – men’s hair types, thus beards, and skin types are very different.  A razor that works for one person will not necessarily work for another,

The blades being used can also have an impact on the experience a lot, which is another factor that makes it difficult to chose a ‘best beginner’ razor’.  I’m a strong believer that it is a razor-blade combination that is critically important.

Of course none of this is any help to somebody trying to pick a beginner razor, so lets just give it a go.

The best beginner razor needs to be foolproof, reliable, and likely to meet the needs of the largest number of users.

On that criteria I cannot, unfortunately, recommend any vintage razor as your first razor – as much as it pains me to admit it.

Some vintage razors have lived a hard life, and been damaged in the process.  If you have one, don’t throw it out!  Keep it and come back to use it later.

So then, what is the razor that best meets those criteria …

It really is hard to go past the Rockwell razors as the best beginner razor.

It comes in two models, the cheaper 6C chrome version, and the ‘last a lifetime’ 6S stainless steel version.

They are pretty foolproof, super reliable, available in lots of places around the globe and …

… they come with interchangeable base plates giving 6 different options for how ‘aggressive’ you want your razor to be. There should be an option to meet the needs of all new wet shavers – regardless of your beard type.

Of course there are other modern adjustable razors, including the Rockwell Model T.  Some have variable quality control, others though are really well made – but how would you know?

As a beginner, the simple approach of the Rockwells with the interchangeable heads has an obvious quality about them, and good quality control.

Well those are my thoughts and suggestions anyway, now over to you!


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