Once again I’m referring to a thread from a shaving forum – this time one where the images have been lost, despite being critical to the thread!

Fortunately I’ve tracked down the images and have recreated this reference on the wonderful Gillette Rockets below.

With acknowledgement to user ‘MTgrayling‘ who pulled this all together in the first place.

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English Super Speeds


While not true Rockets by my definition I include these to clear up confusion in identification. These for all outward appearances look to be American Super Speeds, but have the signature pointed Rocket side plates. These “English Super Speeds” are less common than comparable Rockets and all of mine have “teeth” under head that are slightly different than the Rockets pictured above.

#17: English Blue Tip Super Speed; like the American Blue Tip with an aluminum handle and for light beards and mild shaves. Brit. Pat. 694093 and I markings, 46 grams.

L-R: English Blue Tip Super Speed, American Blue Tip SS
L-R: English Blue Tip Super Speed, American Blue Tip SS

#18: English Super Speed; this uncommon razor is modeled after the American 1954-1957 Super Speed. Brit. Pat. 694093 and II marks, 57 grams.

#19: English Red Tip Super Speed; this is the English version of the American Red Tip Super Speed. Marked Brit. Pat. 694093 and III. A substantial 66 grams.

L-R: Red Tip Rocket, English Red Tip Super Speed
L-R: Red Tip Rocket, English Red Tip Super Speed

Just to confuse you I have an American made razor that functions just like a Rocket. I call this oddity the “American Rocket”. So far it’s the only one I’ve come across. Edit: I’ve since seen two others. Weighs in at 58 grams.

American Rocket
American Rocket

Well there it is. Hopefully a few questions were answered, some razors identified and a passion for all things Rocket instilled.

Of course if anyone finds any errors please let me know so I can update the mistaken information and if anyone has information that can be helpful to add to this also please let me know.

MTgrayling, Dec 1, 2008

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