The Platypus LE Brush was my first real modern artisan made brush. You would have seen it in my SOTD photos and in the header on my brushes page.

This is my homage to this great brush and the artisan who created it.

The platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) is a semi-aquatic, egg-laying mammal endemic to eastern Australia.

I’ve tried to capture the brush in all its moods …

Platypus Pensive in the Sunlight
Platypus LE, pensive in the sunlight following a storm at the National Carillon.

The ‘Platypus’ is a limited edition brush, only 25 were produced, plus one prototype, in 2017.

It was produced by Australian artisan Tony Forysth.  Tony had a business turning pens and pencils as a wood turner. At that time Tony had no prior experiences with shaving brushes, but a member of Paste & Cut found him, his other work to date looked fantastic and he was very eager to explore this new, for him, field.

Turn the clock forward a couple of months and Tony not only become an enthusiastic wet shaver himself, but his brush turning and making skills became absolutely outstanding.


Handle Height: 65mm
Handle Diameter (largest): 39mm
Handle Diameter (smallest): 30mm

Knots offered were all Bob Quinn Elite Razor Manchurian in the following sizes:​

  • 26 mm FAN (at plug)
  • 26 mm BULB (at plug)
  • 24 mm FAN (at plug)
  • 24 mm BULB (at plug)

More details of the knots in this thread.

Playtpus Knot Specs

The Platypus name was chosen as something uniquely Australian, and this brush sold out quickly to the members on Paste & Cut, Australia’s premier shaving forum.  You can read some more details about it, and check out some ‘making of’ pictures in this thread.

It really is a great brush in the handle, nicely balanced and with a great feel.  The knot is superb and it whips up a fantastic lather.

This ended up not being my only TF Custom Brushes brush it was so good.  That might be a story for another post though.

Certainly if you can get your hands on one of these very limited number of brushes I’d say go for it!

While Tony has sadly, for us, retired, his legacy lives on not only in his brushes, but in the videos he has produced detailing the process of brush creation – as well as a few wood turning tricks!


Some of the videos from Tony Foysth’s Youtube Channel.

Be a wet shaving evangelist, spread the word!