Ever-Ready Badger-lon

Ever-Ready Badger-lon

The Ever-Ready Badger-lon was one of the early uses of nylon, the new wonder fibre, in a shaving brush, combined with traditional badger…


Platypus LE Brush Homage

The Platypus LE Brush was my first real modern artisan made brush. This is my homage to this great brush and the artisan who created it.

Simpson Jubilee

The Simpson Jubilee Shaving Brush

The Simpson Jubilee was a limited edition brush created to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's reign - and it is a…

British Aristocrat Ladiges SOTD

The Story of A British Aristocrat

A British Aristocrat engraved and presented to a Mr Ladiges, I was intrigued, there must be a story to this razor...

eBay Logo

How to win on eBay?

How to win on eBay? Bid more than others! But there are some tricks and tips that can help Aussie collectors even up the odds.


Eclipse Red Ring Razor

The Eclipse Red Ring is the foray into shaving of a well established English tool maker - well known for another innovation.

Bostonian Set CJ Harding

The Story of One ‘Bostonian’

I was in an antique store in Adelaide a few years and spotted a Bostonian case with some engraving on the top. Now I have a Bostonian and…

eBay Listing Pic - Simpson 46

My first vintage shaving brush

There was this shaving brush on a large online auction site with poor photos and an even worse description, was it worth taking a punt and…

Pixilated face

Current Collection

The videos are not great - but they give you a glimpse at the current state of my collection.