Both do the same job but some harder soaps can be more difficult to lather for beginners.

A good soft soap or cream may be the best bet when you are starting out, and there are lots around. Some well loved and widely available soaps/creams include:

  • Proraso – the menthol and eucalyptus is a classic but all in their range are solid and reliable
  • Cella – the archetypal ‘Italian soft soap’ – a strong marzipan/almond scent
  • Taylors of Old Bond Street – traditional UK manufacturer, easy to lather
  • Geo F Trumper/ Truefitt & Hill – more UK manufacturers, slightly higher price point

If you are going with the Taylors of Old Bond Street/Geo F Trumper/ Truefitt & Hill get creams rather than soaps.  Many of their soaps have been reformulated and are less effective.

A good soft soap or cream may be the best bet when starting out.

When you get further down the track there is a seemingly endless array of shaving soaps and creams from both artisan suppliers and producers with centuries of tradition.  Browse the selections at the suppliers in our links.

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