Once again I’m referring to a thread from a shaving forum – this time one where the images have been lost, despite being critical to the thread!

Fortunately I’ve tracked down the images and have recreated this reference on the wonderful Gillette Rockets below.

With acknowledgement to user ‘MTgrayling‘ who pulled this all together in the first place.

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HD and LD Rockets


I realize I skipped #11, I can’t explain it. I have nothing against the number 11 that I know of, let’s call it a brain fart and not get all Freudian OK.

Edit: The aluminium handled #58 could go here.

#7: HD 500 Rocket/#59; this is the heavy duty Rocket sometimes referred to as the double ring, 500 or #59. This is many wet shaver’s favorite. It has a larger diameter handle and a few variants that we’ll see later. These hefty shavers came in clear/blue plastic cases that are different in the way they hold the razor horizontally by a tongue of plastic above the blade pack. They also came in a blue hard case and were then known as a #59. These can say either patent pending or Brit. Pat. 694093 in the blade tray some also have the II symbol under head. 71 grams for the full brass and copper version, 57 grams for the less common variant with aluminium handle.


#8: HD Rocket variant; this variation was for sale in Europe. Notice the plain knurled knob. Brit Pat. 694093 stamped in the blade tray and a II mark under head. This Rocket also has no made in stamped under head indicating it was probably made in Germany, 72 grams.

#9: Paperclip or LD (light duty) Rocket; this is an all aluminum HD Rocket except for the post, side plates and silo doors. It is much like the aluminum Rocket above, #1. This version is more common and has a nickname of the “Paperclip”, because it is said to be as light as…I’m sure you can guess. Stamped patent pending in the blade tray, weighs in at 34 grams.

#10: Gold aluminum LD; this is much like the LD above except for the obvious gold color and the aluminum silo doors. These were anodized gold I believe and aren’t plated. Very light, both the LD Rocket’s are said to weigh less than an ounce. Marked the same as the LD and at 29 grams this is the second lightest Rocket.

#12: #58; I’m not sure if this razor is a Rocket or an English Aristocrat so I’m including it here just because it’s damn gorgeous and one of my favorites. You can see it has much in common with the HD but has a richer knurling. These were cased in readily recognizable red hard cases. Below you can see two variations, one with a signature retaining ring the other without it. Some were stamped Patent Pending in the blade bed (1953 modles). Others were stamped Brit. Pat. 694093 and some carried the II marking. Weight varies between 68 and 72 grams. If there is a royal crown imprint on the top of the case lid, this is known as the No. 58 “Coronation” set and was made in 1953 to celebrate the Queen Elizabeth’s coronation.


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