Australian Private Reserve (APR) came and went over the course of about 3 years or so.  In that time it got a lot of international attention for an Australian shaving artisan.

See Part One for the ‘origin story’ and details of the very early scents.

See Part Two for the early phase of commercial operation and the scents involved.

Then Part Three covers the remainder of 2017.

This post follows on and aims to focus on the scents in the next stage of the APR project through 2018.

APR Velour Noir
SOTD post from 4 May 2018 Announcing the release of Velours Noir LE set.

Velours Noir LE

Released in May 2018

Dark Molecules and the changing of the seasons. Black Velvet –Velours Noir the new AP Reserve fragrance that is masculine, intelligent and Limited Edition.

Smoky dark Haitian Vetiver, timeless Sandalwood and clean textured Mahogany with a suggestion of Agar Wood forms the base of our latest creation exploring the contrasts of the changing seasons with the finest woods in accord with beautiful clean citrus.

A heart of warm Cedarwood, exotic Ginger and cooling indulgent French Lavender envelopes the heart of the fragrance.

For the top opening notes we insisted on something to focus the effortless contrast of our design, something to challenge and create an accord with the deep base notes.

We have constructed a beautiful citrus accord of White Grapefruit, Orange, Lime and Bergamot with a whisper of Japanese Yuzu to accentuate the sour, sweet enduring citrus bouquet that travels with the fragrance.

Top Notes: White Grapefruit, Orange, Lime, Bergamot, Yuzu
Heart Notes: Cedarwood, Ginger, Lavender
Base Notes: Haitian Vetiver, Sandalwood, Mahogany, Agarwood

APR Maggard Razors
By this stage APR products, including these new releases, were stocked at a number of US and Canadian retailers

Winter 2018 Line up

The Australian Private Reserve (APR) Winter 2018 line up was described here.


Anything that happens, happens.

Fenchurch is a skilfully textured, masculine composition built on an indulgent base that is encompassing, refined and luxurious.

A note of important documents, paper and velum. Warm balsams meet sweet vanilla, while potent animal musk accents fragrant patchouli and opulent tuberose to establish a solid foundation. We don’t do compromise.

Beautiful leathers, both old and new sit atop the base notes defining layers of texture and experience, sweet tobacco flower is in accord with dark tobacco leaf. Fenchurch explores the many varieties of fine things.

Whiskey completes the proceedings with the narcotic notes of Heliotropin and nuances of sweet plum.

Top Notes Include: Whiskey, Heliotrope & Dark Plum
Heart Notes Include: Leathers, Suede, Tobacco Flower & Dark Tobacco Leaf
Base Notes Include: Papyrus, Benzoin, Labdanum, Vanilla, Animal Musk, Patchouli & Tuberose


We are proud to release Ozymandias, a tour de force of vibrant dark woods teaming with creamy, refined Mysore Sandalwood finished impeccably with white musk and dark resinous vanilla.

Heart notes of generous Rosewood, beautiful floral Orris and the warmth of Cedar resting on the sweetness of Honey. The sum is greater than the whole accord.

The warming camaraderie of white rums suitably aged and rested, accented by intangible suggestions of Red Cherry and Blueberry as the fragrance opens.

To experience Ozymandias is to experience a deep fragrance of multiple accords, a narrative of agelessness, memory and time where the lone and level sands stretch far away

Top Notes Include: White Rum, Red Cherry & Blueberry
Heart Notes Include: Rosewood, Orris, Cedarwood & Honey
Base Notes Include: Oudh, Mysore Sandalwood, White Musks, Vanilla & Ambergris


During this winter another limited edition set was released, only with an EDT –

Skye Fall

No waxing lyrical this time, this is what SkyeFall ‘smells like’

SkyeFall smells like a stupidly rich, deep, creamy masculine gentleman’s fragrance that combines (in accord) Indian Mysore Sandalwood, Ambergris, Tobacco & Single Malt Whiskey ably assisted by Yerba Mate abs, a tiny hint of leather and civet. It is full bodied, very slightly herbaceous with beautiful spiced black tea, a little peat, some caramel balsams and a very special pepper top note.

Top Notes Include: Pepper…
Heart Notes Include: Carnation, Rosewood, Thyme & Cardamom
Base Notes Include: Sandalwood, Ambergris, Amyris, Tobacco Flower, Whiskey, Yerba Mate, Leather & Civet

Spring 2018 Line up

The Australian Private Reserve (APR) Spring 2018 line up was described here.

‘Lavioletta’ – Soap/Splash & EDP

A celebration with a festival of lavenders, Egyptian and French Violet, Iris, Pink Pepper, Réunion Geranium, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Oakmoss & Sandalwood set atop a tenacious and beautiful musk accord.

A classic fragrance opening of French Lemon Verbena & Calabrian Bergamot provide elegance before receding to the finest Lavenders, resting on the beauty of the base.

Top Notes Include: Lemon Verbena (France), Bergamot
Heart Notes Include: French, Spanish & Australian Lavenders, Réunion Geranium, French Violet, Heliotrope, Accacia & Pink Pepper
Base Notes Include: Sandalwood Mysore, Egyptian Violet, Iris, Oakmoss, Tonka & White Musk.

‘Florian’ LE – Soap/Splash & EDT

A bright, modern aromatic Fougère of fresh gentle citrus, florals, musk and woods with a final grand gesture from Elemi to open the fragrance.

Enduring, discretely floral and very intricate in design the narrative of the fragrance is revealed over hours after a diffuse opening of aldehydic florals, superb citrus in a vertical accord of crisp Elemi and refined citrus.

Top Notes Include: Italian Neroli, Bergamot & Sweet Lemon
Heart Notes Include: Petitgrain, Rosewood, Bigaradier, Cyclamen & Herbs
Base Notes Include: Elemi, Ambergris, Amyris, Vanilla, Spanish Moss & Musk


In September 2018 the first offering was released under the ‘réserve privée’ nomenclature –

édition Les Santals – réserve privée

April of 2017 saw the first offering of a composition built around a specific batch of Mysore Sandalwood (Santalum album) of a superb quality that was eponymously named

‘The Santal’.

All the perfumes were acquired minutes after I made my post which was an addendum to a Winter release. I knew then that there were others who deeply appreciate such rare things, and this has been repeatedly confirmed as I still receive emails from all over the globe in relation to the release from others who share my love of pure indulgence in relation to their fragrances.

This sophomore edition sees a downright raucous and disgraceful celebration of Sandalwood, however I thought it was time to push out the boat somewhat after having evaluated a number of the most refined and beautiful Sandalwoods in the world.

Obtained from only the heartwood, I present for your consideration the curated Sandalwoods that will form the majestic vertical accord for les santals

Indian Sandalwood santalum album
Australian Sandalwood santalum spicatum
New Caledonian Sandalwood santalum austrocaledonicum

These oils have been incorporated into a superbly rounded masculine symphony, with the sole intention of affording them a stage so they reveal their sublime complexity, difference and inimitable beauty.

édition Les Santals – réserve privée

The aftershave for this release is an exclusive edition of the AP Reserve base that contains imported Sandalwood hydrosol in addition to the regular skin foods present in the AP Reserve Aftershave.


Summer 2018 Line up

The Australian Private Reserve (APR) Summer 2018 line up was described here.


A bright, radiant Fougère of high projection – this composition is tradition turned on its head with a cavalier and very bold complexity.

Passione opens in dramatic style with an accord of tart Passion fruit, Apricot, Peach and Raspberry bursting forward in a mélange of citrus and tart fruit notes.

We follow through on the opening presence with deeper layers of complexity as we explore the depth of Passion fruit flesh, the intricacy of Lime leaves married to the sour citrus floral tones of Green Apple.

A traditional base anchors the composition ensuring longevity and a solid base, Elemi providing the necessary vertical accord for the explosive opening with the sweetness of Vanilla and Musk ensuring the balance of sharp citrus and sweet fruit.

Top Notes Include: Passion fruit, Apricot, Peach & Raspberry
Heart Notes Include: Passion fruit Flesh, Lime Leaves, Green Apple, Geranium & Lavender
Base Notes Include: Oakmoss, Tonka, Sandalwood, Elemi, Vanilla & Musk


AP Reserve is proud to announce our first Citrus Aquatic fragrance for the new season, Bombora is a powerful, fresh and sharp citrus Aquatic encompassing cold, clean oceans and fresh sea air with a suggestion of salt water and ozonic aquatica.

The fragrance opens with the crispness of French Cedrat and the sharp citrus of Tangerine dressed with Meyer Lemon, Bergamot and tart citrus Lime for a refreshing and very modern aquatic experience.

The dry down sees muted narcotic florals, hinting at a darkness beneath the waves through to the dry down of Ambergris, fresh sea-weed and algae and hints of Woods and clean white musk.

Top Notes Include: Tangerine, Cedrat, Lemon, Bergamot, Lime & Aquatic Notes
Heart Notes Include: Sea Breeze, Narcissus, Freesia, Aldehydes, Watermelon & Ozone
Base Notes Include: Ambergris (NZ), Seaweed, Algae, Driftwood, Amber & White Musk


AP Reserve P&C Festivus SE

Limited edition special gift to Paste & Cut members.

Opening Notes include: Juniper, Lime, Grapefruit, Orange & Bergamot

Heart Notes Include: Cardamom, Nutmeg, Carnation, Red Pepper, Aldehydes & Cucumber

Base Notes Include: Cashmere, Patchouli, Mahogany, Coriander, Castoreum & Amber


In December 2018 a limited release EDP was announced –

Fresca Intensa EDP

An explosive mod of our incredibly popular ‘Fresca’ taking the fragrance to exciting and intense new levels for the summer months.

APR demanded a refreshingly new design for Fresca, a fragrance that is crisp and invigorating, with a masculine sophistication and body to embrace the classic Italian freshness of pure and sweet spring citrus, drenched in sunshine.
Beautiful and elegant musk’s accord with sandalwood, rosewood, jasmine and the finest citrus oils to create a design synergy of uplifting citrus that endures with classical style.
Fresca, it’s Italian for fresh!

Top Notes Include: Italian Neroli, Italian Lemon, Cedrat, Bergamot, Lime & Sweet Orange
Heart Notes Include: Petitgrain, Rosewood, Rosemary & Jasmine
Base Notes Include: Musk, Mysore Sandalwood & Patchouli

That might be all for this fourth instalment of the Australian Private Reserve collection.  Come back next week for Part Five.

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